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Our Resident Know-It-All

About the Show

Our Team

Greg Silva

Creator and Heavenly Host of the SRP Radio Podcast. And by Heavenly, we don’t mean that he’s any kind of dreamboat mystery date. He’s too humble for all that. It’s just a silly pun, referencing the show’s sacred content. And by sacred, we don’t mean that it isn’t sometimes profane.

Jan the Man

Professor Jan Arnold holds a masters degree in Sociology from the University of Chicago, with an emphasis in Psycho-Linguistics (which literally means “crazy talk”). And when we say he holds a degree, we mean he holds it every minute of every day — in bed, in the shower, while driving, etc. He teaches psychology and philosophy here in Chicago at various community colleges and online universities.

Myron the Street Poet

A retired Rogue Trader, Myron now lives off and on at the Pacific Garden Mission. When we say retired, we mean that he made a deal with the SEC and the FBI to give up his Financial License in exchange for not going to jail. He claims he suffered a stroke as a result of the stress of all this. But some people think he’s faking it to collect disability. He sells knock-off jewelry and electronics from China, and is known on the streets for being able to get just about anything (video games, iPhones, tickets to “Hamilton”) within 24 hours.

Dr. Bonmoe

The stage name of retired college text book editor, David Pendleton Syngen-Bottom. These days, Dr. Bonmoe spends as much time as possible teaching Scribbage to the baristas at various Argo Tea locations. And when we say baristas, we mean the young female ones. He’s bringing old-man-sexy back!

Kissonia Marvel

Has worked in Chicago’s Food & Beverage Industry for 15 years. She’s now an Event Coordinator in the South Loop. She and her husband are proud foster parents in Englewood. And when we say Englewood, we’re talking about a neighborhood where bullets fly every night.

Paul Saputo

Lives in Melrose Park and produces video games. He spends his spare time working out at the East Bank Club and partying at the Horseshoe Casino. And by partying, we mean that he overtips everyone — the doormen, dealers, cocktail waitresses, and pit bosses, despite their embarrassed protests — which typically insures that he gets a free room and a companion for the night.

Our Segments

Word Smatter

Our regular analysis of the deceptive language used by weaselly politicians, with our very own psycho-linguist Jan the Man.

Out Of Poverty

How to lose it all and find . . . I dunno, something better. One man’s journey through the Great Recession of 2008. A story about devastation and redemption. Loss and recovery. A how-to manual on starting over from scratch. A guidebook on climbing out of poverty.

City Life

Absurd vignettes about small-time, street-level, workaday power struggles, and related shenanigans. In the SRP universe, we’re all politicians in our own lifelong campaigns for acceptance, appreciation, and outright dominance.

The SRP Translator

The sex.religion.politics Translator helps simple Liberal folk understand what the heck Conservatives (and other alien forms) are talking about.

Advice to Men/Women

There are forces in life, beyond our control, that hurl us through wonder and horror; forces that some of us, through hardship, learn to manage, but few of us ever master. SEX is one of them.

Bible Updates

After thousands of years, the Powers That Be have deemed it necessary (finally) to offer regular updates to our beloved Holy Writ.

Humor & Inspiration

Not a regular segment, per se. Stories, prayers, and poems that challenge traditional notions of faith, and that inspire renewal and growth.

And finally . . .

Have you lost your way, your meaning, your purpose? Where were they the last time you had them? Try retracing your steps. Meanwhile, laugh a little, and they may find YOU.

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