SRP Radio Podcast: Episode 19 — How Money Used To Be Made

Greg Silva

Greg Silva is a Humorist, Educator, Cultural Analyst and New Media Developer. He has studied, performed and taught at Chicago’s famed Second City Training Center and Theatre Building Chicago‘s Musical Theatre Writers Program. He studied theology and philosophy at Oral Roberts University; music at Peabody Conservatory; film at Regent University; and theatre at Old Dominion University. He holds an Entertainment Business Master of Science degree from Full Sail University.

6 Responses

  1. Jan Arnold says:

    Best one yet – I not only only laughed (instead of “left”), I guffawed, awed as I was of the guff, Roled On The Floor Laughing, Fell Off The Roof Screaming, And Floated Up To Heaven Trembling. Whence I was given the Nod of God on your behalf before the chute opened and I dropped into my eternity. Awe Chute, I thought, I been caught, and wondered what circles I would upend in – hope its the one with Jean Paul Sartre (he’s in for have a name that ends with “re”) debating Ayn Rand (general principles) for an eternal repeated debate on the freedom to do shit. And there, to the side, would be Sisyphus, mountain climber “a perpetuo,” eternally stoned, eternally happy as a slap.

    • Greg Silva says:

      Thank you, Jan. Once again, you have succinctly captured the thoughts of Friedrich Nietzsche as channeled through Charles Manson. You’re my hero. Er . . . all three of you.

  2. basiakowalik says:

    I love Myron.

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