Best Movies About Religion Stories of Faith Refined By Fire

Best Movies About Religion

And Why We Recommend Them

The Last Temptation Of Christ

Can you imagine coming to realize that you are the Son of God; and that, for the sake of humanity, you are set on a path toward ultimate sacrifice? How would that make you feel? How would you carry that information? Wouldn’t you be tempted to opt out?

Wings Of Desire

Our silly little lives, with our chattering minds, from the emotionally detached point of view of angels. This is not only an intriguing meditation on what it means to be a human being, but also a deeply romantic love story.

Winter Light

If you’re a spiritual seeker, then you may already be familiar with the movies of Ingmar Bergman. This one follows a pastor trying to help his parishioners overcome their doubts, while he can’t seem to overcome his own.

Jacob’s Ladder


Are you afraid of dying? Be honest. I am. I hear it’s not a big deal. Just a crossing over. But watch this really smart horror movie, and get back to me.

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Is there a just God? If so, then why doesn’t He speak up more often? Two parallel stories here: one big and dramatic; one small and comedic. But when all is said and done, it’s hard to determine which is the crime and which is the misdemeanor?

The Elephant Man

Freaks! If you live in a city, you see them every day. Otherwise, there’re plenty of them on TV. What do I mean by the word “freak”? I dunno. What qualifies as a freak for you? And what would Jesus do? That’s what this movie is about. All of the above.

Groundhog Day

“What the heck does Groundhog Day have to do with religion? And what value does it bring to my spirituality?” You may be asking yourself these questions upon seeing Groundhog Day on our Best Movies About Religion list. And the answer is . . . by living the same day over and over for many years, the Bill Murray character is forced to ask himself, “What does this all mean?”

On the Waterfront

No good deed goes unpunished. But sometimes you live to tell the story. Truth takes a beating — in this fact-based story about longshoremen and the mob in 1950s New Jersey — but goes the distance and wins by a mixed decision.

Tender Mercies

A washed-up burnt-out has-been country singer gets a chance for redemption, and he grabs it like a drowning man grabs a life-preserver. And right after he gets back on his feet, life knocks him down again. How ARE we supposed to handle sudden tragedies?

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