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Three Things We’re Not Supposed To Talk About

And yet the powers that be tell us that it’s impolite or inappropriate (the most dangerous word in the English language, by the way) to discuss these things in public.

about srp
about srp
about srp

sex.religion.politics challenges popular notions of propriety, in thoughtful and amusing ways. We hope you enjoy these entries and end up talking about them in the most inappropriate places.

What's So Funny?

The SRP Mission

sex.religion.politics is very much a personal expression. You won't find much written here about famous politicians. Why? Because most of those people already get far more attention than they need or deserve, from writers who are far more interested in beliefs than facts.

Sex. Religion. Politics. From the point of view of the little guy.

What we do that nobody else does, is . . . we present "the issues" from the point of view of the little guy. Politics, for us, means everyday power struggles. In the SRP universe, we’re all politicians in our own campaigns for dominance.

We use humor and inspiration — sacred and profane — to inform and entertain. Toward these ends, you will find on these pages (and in our podcast) stupid jokes about intelligent people, Existential anecdotes about Evangelicals, creative non-fiction about destructive people, and emotional climate-changing essays about evolutionary biology and the meaning of life.

There is rampant silliness, as well as heaping portions of compassion. We have no expectations. If you laugh at something serious, you won’t go to hell. But if you don’t laugh at something funny, you may already be there.