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Sex from the POV of your average frustrated chump. There are forces in life, beyond our control, that pick us up and take us to both wonderful and horrible places, whether or not we want to go to those places; forces that some of us, through hardship, learn to manage, but few of us ever master. Sex is one of them.

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An Affair To Forget

Today’s inappropriate joke. Please . . . share this at family gatherings, church functions, and public school assemblies. Maybe even on a get-well card.

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Who’s Your Daddy, Now?

Today’s Inappropriate Humor: Be sure to share this with your family, at work, at church, with Republicans, Mormons . . . you get the picture.

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Handsome Man Joke

This Wilde-like quip is not exclusive to me. It can be used by any smart, handsome feller who is . . . still single.