3 Things We’re Not Supposed To Talk About

Power Cut

  1. Sex

  2. Religion

  3. Politics*

Everything there is to talk about boils down to these three things.

And yet we’re not supposed to talk about them in polite society. For instance:

  • at parties
  • on first dates
  • at work

This blog challenges popular notions of propriety, in thoughtful and amusing ways.

I hope you enjoy these entries and end up talking about them in the most inappropriate places.

Please feel free to comment publicly or contact me privately.


* Also refers to social politics, or power struggles on a personal level.

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BIO: Greg Silva is a Humorist, Educator, Cultural Analyst and New Media Developer.  He has studied, performed and taught at Chicago’s famed Second City Training Center and Theatre Building Chicago‘s Musical Theatre Writers Program. He studied theology and philosophy at Oral Roberts University; music at Peabody Conservatory; film at Regent University; and theatre at Old Dominion University. He holds an Entertainment Business Master of Science degree from Full Sail University.